PETA shaved 2 pounds of matted fur off Murphy after finding him locked in a cage in a dark hallway.

By Kelli Bender
August 24, 2020

Murphy is obviously an adorable dog now, but when fieldworkers for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) first met the pup in 2019 they weren’t sure what he was.

Murphy was found neglected and alone, locked in a dirty cage that was left in a dark hallway. Left unloved in his own urine and feces for a lengthy period, Murphy had develop painful, filthy mats of fur all over his body.

This abuse had left Murphy looking more like a coughed-up hairball than a little dog. The PETA fieldworkers who found Murphy immediately pulled him from the cage and rushed him to a veterinarian.


Because Murphy’s mats were so tangled and uncomfortable, the vet decided to sedate the scared pup to remove all of the dirty fur. The vet shaved off 2 pounds of nastiness and neglect to reveal a sweet 7-lb. pooch underneath all that hair.


The care didn’t stop there. Murphy spent a week at a PETA shelter getting some well-deserved attention and affection, and then he was transferred to the Norfolk SPCA for more of the same. At this shelter his met his forever family.


Murphy now lives in a loving home where he's showered with love. Free of all that matted fur, Murphy is finally wearing a smile.

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