After being surrendered to Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in November 2020, Waffle the miniature horse is thriving alongside her new foal.

Waffle the mini horse maternity pics
Tammi Elbert Photography
| Credit: Tammi Elbert Photography

Waffle went from weary mother-to-be to a stunning proud parent of a beautiful filly in a matter of months thanks to the Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

The white miniature horse arrived at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch — "a safe and caring haven to all animals in need," according to director Amanda Mullen — in November 2020. Waffle's previous owners surrendered her to the farm animal rescue along with her colt Toast and several other mini horses.

"When Waffle and Toast arrived, their manes and tails were covered in burrs so thick that it weighed down their neck and head. Toast was particularly bad, having had burrs throughout his haircoat, which made it painful to pet him or for him to lay down," Mullen tells PEOPLE of the duo's state when they arrived. "Longmeadow volunteers worked to carefully remove each burr until Waffle and Toast were both healthy and comfortable."

After becoming strong and independent thanks to the "kindness and the best care from Longmeadow's experienced staff and devoted volunteers" and Waffle's excellent mothering skills, Toast was adopted out and is now living with his forever family.

Waffle the mini horse maternity pics
Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

Waffle is still residing at Longmeadow because she just welcomed another little one. In January, Longmeadow discovered Waffle was pregnant after giving the animal an ultrasound.

"We weren't surprised she was pregnant as she came in with 3 stallions," Mullen says.

The 10-year-old mini horse welcomed her baby girl, who has yet to be named, on May 13 in "very early morning hours."

"Because Waffle came to Longmeadow with a young colt in tow, we knew it 'wasn't her first rodeo' when it came to being a mom, and she's doing a fantastic job her second time around," Mullen says of the "involved" mom and her new, "happy" kid.

"They have bonded perfectly," she adds.

Waffle the mini horse maternity pics
Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

Before the filly's arrival, Longmeadow wanted to make sure that Waffle got a special moment to be celebrated, so they came up with a maternity shoot for the mini horse.

For the special event, which Longmeadow shared virtually with their supporters and fans, Waffle was adorned with flowers and giving time to frolic through fields surrounded by festive decorations.

Waffle the mini horse maternity pics

"We know she enjoyed herself. She definitely doesn't mind being the center of attention, and Waffle will take any chance to relax in the sun surrounded by her people. It was a beautiful day, and her maternity photos turned out gorgeous," Mullen says of the event.

Waffle the mini horse maternity pics
Credit: Tammi Elbert Photography

For now, Waffle has put partying behind her to focus on her newborn. Fans of the pair can check in on them at any time through Longmeadow's live stream. Once Waffle's filly is weaned, both Waffle and her baby will be available for adoption.

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Those who aren't looking to adopt a mini horse soon can still support the duo by supporting Longmeadow.

"We've created a special fund to help offset expenses related to Waffle's care and the care of her foal. If you want to support Waffle and her baby, be sure to make your tax-deductible gift," Mullen says.

"Through the generous support of our donors, animals like Waffle have been given a second chance. A chance to heal from neglect and abuse. A chance to nourish their starved bodies. A chance to be adopted into a caring home."

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