The special airs July 31 on Discovery+.

Puppy Bowl Presents The Summer Games
Credit: Discovery +

Let the games begin!

On Saturday, July 31, Discovery+ is presenting a whole lot of competitive cuteness with the special Puppy Bowl Presents: The Summer Games. The show features five dog and trainer pairs competing in three events for glory and a $5,000 prize for the animal charity of their choice.

Hosted by actress and comedian Kym Whitley, the show features three judges: dog trainers Travis Borsen and Sara Carson, and in a timely Olympics-related twist, gold medal-winning gymnast McKayla Maroney.

"These dogs are great, but do they have what it takes to impress McKayla?" Borsen quips in the sneak peek above, prompting Maroney to flash her famous "not impressed" face.

The competitors include border collie Ricky Bobby and trainer Suzanne Knox, Bernedoodle Yama and trainer Steve Jordan, Australian shepherd Spyder and trainer Mikayla Morris, black Lab Bullwinkle and trainer Adam Jorgenson and Australian shepherd HiYah! and trainer Kelly Culbert.

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