The elderly bear has faced many challenges when it comes to hunting fish due to his slower agility.

Otis, the 4 time winner of Fat Bear Week
Credit: Katmai National Park/Twitter

Otis the Bear is a four-time champion of Fat Bear Week!

The Alaskan competition, organized by Katmai National Park and Preserve, Katmai Conservancy, and, had participants vote in a bracket-style to decide which of the 12 bears they believe is the fattest — a good sign for the hibernating animal. The bear contestants were chosen by the public.

"The people have spoken!" Katmai National Park and Preserve announced on Monday alongside a photo of 480 Otis.

They added that the elderly bear "can now boast a bevy of bests w/ this fourth 1st place finish."

"As we celebrate, like a true champ 480 is still chowing down," the organization said.

Over 96,000 people voted in the finale, Katmai National Park and Preserve revealed.

Otis, who has been assigned the number 480, won the inaugural Fat Bear Tuesday championship in 2014 and Fat Bear Week in 2016 and 2017, according to his bio.

The 25-year-old had odds stacked against him when it came to regaining his body weight after months of hibernation and they were exacerbated by the fact that "he is missing two canine teeth and many of his other teeth are greatly worn," per his bio.

"Otis must also compete with younger and larger bears who want access to his fishing spots. Otis is more likely to be displaced by these bears than he is to displace them," officials explained.

The bear also returned to Brooks River "later than usual in 2021," but "quickly made up for lost time by utilizing his patience and mastery of fishing."

Organizers shared Otis used a more casual and tactful approach to fishing rather than diving for salmon like "younger, more energetic bears."

It's unclear how much Otis weighs, but other competitors have been listed between 1,000 and 1,400 pounds.

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