Miranda Comins was touring Arrowhead Stadium with her brother and dad when the family spotted a kitten tangled in a field goal net and rushed to save the stray animal.
A family of Chiefs fans went on an Arrowhead Stadium tour and left with a cat they freed from a field goal net they say was wrapped around the kitten's neck.
Credit: FOX4 News Kansas City/YouTube

One family left Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., with a souvenir they were not expecting to take home: a stray kitten who needed a lifesaving intervention. 

On Sunday, Miranda Comins was touring the stadium—home of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs— with her brother and father when the three of them spotted the baby cat tangled up in a field goal net, Fox 4 reports. Comins explained to the outlet that she was nearing the end of the tour when her dad saw something unusual on the field. 

"Our tour was almost finished. We went up to the penthouse suites, we were kind of looking over the whole stadium, as a whole it was very cool, and all of the sudden my dad noticed two little kittens playing down on the field," Comins said.

While one of the kittens ran off, the other found herself wrapped up in the field goal net. Seeing that the kitten was trapped, Comins, her family, and their tour guide went down to the field to help her, according to Fox 4. 

Comins' brother, Dustin Weeks told Fox 4 the kitten's head was wrapped in the netting when he, his father, and his sister reached the animal. 

"I was holding her [and] my dad and my sister were trying to get the head free. She kind of passed out for a couple of minutes," he told the outlet. "She stopped breathing for a minute, couldn't feel her heart anymore. Her arms were going limp."  

Luckily, Weeks knew just what to do. As a former Army medic, he is trained in CPR and began to administer an altered version of the life-saving method on the kitten, who responded to his efforts and immediately improved. 

"Apparently human CPR works on a cat," Weeks said.

After rescuing the kitten, Weeks, took the animal home and named it Alex after former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. Weeks explained that both he and the kitten had undergone challenges like Smith—who nearly lost his leg to a gruesome injury—and fought to persevere.

"I got hit by a car, and so I got a metal rod," Weeks told Fox 4. "And Smith didn't give up, and neither did she, and so she's Alex. Not the souvenir we expected, but I'll take it."

While the "friendly" and "happy" kitty now has a safe place to call home with Weeks.

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