The dog was rescued on Monday by the Michigan Humane Animal Search and Rescue Team.

By Eric Todisco
January 06, 2021

A heroic rescue team (eventually) saved a dog that found himself stranded alone on the dangerously thin ice of Michigan's Detroit River.

The rescue, which was filmed and uploaded on YouTube by MLive, took place on Monday at Belle Isle State Park, just north of downtown Detroit.

According to MLive, Detroit Animal Care and Control officers attempted to rescue the loose dog at the park when he swam through the river's frigid water to a nearby island.

The Michigan Humane Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Team—the only organization in the region equipped to handle a water rescue, MLive reports—was then contacted to assist in safely securing the dog.

Upon their arrival, the ASAR team quickly reached the small island dog swam to, bringing flotation equipment, cold weather gear, and various animal rescue items with them.

"It's OK big guy," one rescue crew member could be heard saying to the dog in the video.

As crew members attempted to get the dog's attention, the canine jumped back onto the ice covering the frozen river and started running towards dry land, where the pooch was caught by rescue officials.

The dog was taken to the Michigan Humane Mackey Center for Animal Care for treatment of possible hypothermia, MLive reported.

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