Who doesn’t love a BOGO special?

One of the surest ways to know that spring has sprung is by keeping tabs on the baby explosion happening at zoos around the country.

You like sloths? We've got baby sloths. Rhinos? How about this tiny little surprise baby rhino! Or perhaps you're a fan of primates? Well, these baby orangutans are just the cute delivery you need!

And now, we can add baby giraffes to the list. The most recent additions to the world of baby animals comes to us from Zoo Miami in Florida. Last week, zookeepers welcomed the 54th baby giraffe to be born at the zoo, a male calf to 14-year-old Mia and 4-year-old Malcolm, the according to the zoo's Facebook post announcing their arrival.

baby giraffe standing under his mother
Credit: Courtesy of Zoo Miami

After spending the first few days of his life isolated with Mia so that momma and baby could bond, the yet-unnamed, 181-pound baby boy was being introduced to the rest of the giraffe community just as 6-year-old Zuri was bringing the zoo's 55th baby into the world! This one, a healthy female baby, weighed 118 pounds at birth and also calls Malcolm daddy.

Fun—or rather, alarming—fact: Mama giraffes don't lay down when they give birth, so newborn giraffes fall 4–6 feet to the ground when they're born.

Zoo staff has kept a close eye on both calves, and neonatal exams show both giraffes to be healthy and strong. Now, while Mia's boy gets used to the new surroundings of the giraffe exhibit, Zuri will spend the next few days nursing and bonding with her baby girl before introducing her to the world sometime next week.

Neither baby has been named, yet and the zoo hasn't released any announcements on how names will be chosen. Personally, I'm hoping they go with an internet poll, because those always turn out so well.