Two beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium really seemed to enjoy their private concert.
man plays violin in front of two white whales

The country's largest beluga whale habitat is impressive on its own, but the fact that it doubles as a private concert venue makes us want to visit Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium even more.

That was the scene recently. Violinist Big Lux picked up his bow and played some toe-tapping, fin-shaking music in front of two belugas in the 750,000-gallon tank. In a video of the performance posted to Instagram last week, two of the whales are seen looking entranced by the violinist's beautiful tunes, seeming to sway their large flippers to the beat.

"We recently had a private performance for Juno, Kela, and Natasha! This type of enrichment is great for animals and humans alike!" the aquarium wrote in the caption.

It actually wasn't the first beluga concert at Mystic Aquarium. Back in July 2011, Juno was filmed "dancing" alongside a mariachi band during a wedding. At the time, a representative from the aquarium, Lindsey Nelson, told a reporter Juno was likely mimicking the band's guitar player—not dancing.

However, Nelson did tell WTNH that Juno could "certainly" hear the band's music, so it's likely he and his fellow boppin' belugas were able to hear Big Lux earlier this month. Plus, him playing the violin was probably visually interesting, too—more than enough reason for two of the belugas to park by the glass and watch.

So while these belugas probably weren't boogying to the beat, at least they were able to enjoy some music. Plus, we can still watch this cute video on repeat and imagine these marvelous sea creatures mesmerized by the melody!