Awww: Rhode Island Zoo Welcomes Quadruplet Baby River Otters

They were born at the Roger Williams Park Zoo at the beginning of the month. They'll be opening their eyes soon!

Don't look at this! Watch the dang cute video first!

OK, now that you've melted out of pure joy, let us formally introduce you to the quadruplet baby river otters who were born Feb. 1 at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.

According to The Providence Journal, an otter named Mishi gave birth to the four babies after the death of their father, Clyde. Pretty soon, they'll be opening their eyes (about one month after they're born), walking (six weeks), and then swimming (two months).

The babies don't have names yet, so I'm happy to step up there. The girls shall be named Nugget and Clementine, while the boys shall be Smooshy and Jeffrey. (We hope.)

And now, some river otter fun facts from the National Wildlife Federation:

  • They can run up to 15 mph.
  • They can stay underwater for as many as 8 minutes.
  • To stay underwater for that long, the river otters will simply close their nostrils.

Anyway, that's all. Have a great day!

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