You too can enjoy this particular parade (if you live in Ohio, I guess).
penguin parade at the Cincinnati Zoo
Credit: Courtesy of cincinnatizoo / TikTok

Parades: good, great even—depending on the candy selection. Penguin parades: even better. 

That's what you can find at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden these days. On weekends until the end of February, any of the zoo's king penguins—who want to—get to take a supervised stroll through the zoo.

On Jan. 14, a trio of the large, flightless birds decided to go on their walk, heading down the ramp and out onto the zoo's walkways, passing all the ensorcelled human visitors. Here's what it looked like:

If you're one of the 22.7 million people who've watched that video (and live at least somewhat close to Cincinnati), you have a few more chances this coming weekend to see the penguins in action. 

For each parade, they waddle away from the zoo's bird house to the entrance to the children's zoo. In the afternoon, they head back.

"The zoo is still a wonderful place to visit during the colder months, and the deeply discounted admission that we offer makes it a very affordable outing," Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard told WLWT. "Dress for the weather, and you'll be as happy as the penguins that you'll see on parade days."

This weekend, maybe they'll stop to visit Fiona the hippopotamus. Or they could start dancing. You never know!