Maybe you meet your goals, maybe not. Either is OK!

Everyone please applaud Juanita, an armadillo at the Cincinnati Zoo who is showing us exactly how to treat our New Year's resolutions. 

Observe the armored mammal, taking a nap on her back within her exercise wheel on the third day of 2022: 

Inspiring stuff. Either Juanita is no prisoner to her "exercise more" resolution, or she is absolutely crushing her "get more sleep" goal. Both are good! (Though it seems like the former is Juanita's resolution if we're to believe the zoo's Twitter caption.) 

Regardless of her resolution, Juanita seems to be approaching this with the best mindset: If you make your resolution happen, great! If not, that's OK! You certainly get credit for trying. We all need breaks, too.

armadillo in grass
Credit: jcrader / Getty

An example: 2021 was a year filled with WFH snacking, so like Juanita I'm trying to exercise more. Last night, I pulled on my bibs and set up my bicycle on my indoor trainer for a ride. But riding inside stinks. As I approached a half hour, I was bored, my butt hurt, and I was quite literally going nowhere. 

So I dismounted, barely did some core work, ate dinner, and enjoyed a refreshing adult beverage.

It's what Juanita would've wanted.