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Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh YES! From the cutest baby animal births to wacky and wild stories covering the nation's favorite animal species, we're here to help you keep up with all the cool zoo happenings from San Diego to the Bronx and everywhere in between.

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Smithsonian National Zoo Announces the Birth of 5 Adorable Cheetah Cubs: 'Very Rewarding'
Five-year-old Rosalie gave birth to the quintuplets Tuesday morning at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va.
Kansas Zoo Welcomes Rare Albino Wallaby Joey Named Bruny: 'Doing Wonderful'
Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kan., is now home to two baby wallabies – one of which is albino.
Orphaned Grizzly Bear Moves to Detroit Zoo and Becomes Best Friends with Polar Bear Cub
The Detroit Zoo's staff says that the two cubs have become fast friends and enjoy wrestling and playing with toys together in the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit at the Michigan zoo.
Cincinnati Zoo Introduces Fiona the Hippo to Male Hippo Nearly 4 Years After Her Dad's Death
Fiona and her mother, Bibi, recently met 18-year-old Tucker the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo and calmly shared a swimming pool with the newcomer
Rare Colombian Black-Headed Spider Monkey Born at Chester Zoo
"Colombian black-headed spider monkeys are vulnerable to extinction and so Kiara's precious newcomer is a great addition," says Deputy Curator of Mammals Dr. Nick Davis. 

More Zoo Animals

Tiny Spotted Piglet Makes Adorable Debut at Boston Zoo and It's Too Cute to Handle
The red river hog piglet is the lone survivor of mama hog Artemis’s first litter and is also the first birth of its kind at the Franklin Park Zoo.
'Extra Special' White Rhino Born at Disney's Animal Kingdom to First-Time Mom Jao
The white rhino is an endangered species, making the calf’s birth a special moment for the Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Welcomes a Tamandua Anteater Pup: 'We Are Elated'

The baby tamandua, also known as a lesser anteater, was born on July 21 to first-time mom Cora. The mother-daughter pair are healthy and bonding well, reports the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.