A fire fighting crew from Iowa reunited seven ducklings to their mother—making for one happy day in the duck world!
hands holding a baby duck
Credit: Stephanie1886 / Getty

Saving people and property from fires only scratches the surface of a fire fighter's job responsibilities. These modern-day heroes also free trapped motorists, deal with hazardous materials, and administer medical treatment (to name a few). Of the many courageous hats they wear, here's one that you probably didn't know—they rescue ducks, too! 

The Waukee Fire Department just outside of Des Moines, Iowa, rescued seven ducklings from a storm drain. In a touching video posted to Facebook, a firefighter from the "B shift" climbed into a storm drain and rescued the little ducklings who are now reunited with their mother. 

Feathery fans left comments like, "Bless you guys for taking care of these poor ducklings," and "Super glad we got a hold of you guys! I was about to climb in there myself!"

Apparently it's quite common for ducklings to fall through the grates of a storm sewer. According to Rutgers University, a mother duck can "walk across the grate without a problem," but she may not realize the danger of leading her ducklings across it. This heartbreaking mental scene is enough to make us all do a double-take when crossing over storm grates.   

Rutgers has some tips if you decide to lend a helping hand to a duckling who may be caught in the sewer. They suggest using a "long steel rod or crowbar for leverage" to lift the sewer grate. A kitchen strainer or similar tool can then be used to scoop up the ducklings, returning them to their mother. If you are not able to lift the grate on your own, then do as the kind people of Waukee and contact your local fire department. 

The video has resonated with fellow duck lovers—earning over 10,000 views since it was originally posted. Thank goodness for community helpers like this firefighting crew who saved the adorable duckling brood. We can only imagine the reunion with mama duck—quacks on top of quacks!