Thank goodness Russell and Kristen Beals where out driving and saw the fawn as parts of northern Pennsylvania flooded last week.

man saves fawn shown here standing in water
Credit: Freelance Photographer / Getty

A seemingly petrified baby deer was stranded in floodwaters last week when a superhero clad in an orange rain jacket and jeans scooped him up and brought him to safety.

Russell and Kristen Beals were checking out the flooding caused by torrential rains in northern Pennsylvania last Monday when they came across the Bambi lookalike, according to Russell hopped out of the pickup and Kristen started recording video on her phone.

In the video, Russell walks into the swift-moving water, which is several inches deep, and stretches out his hands toward the fawn, who stands still in fright. He then picks the baby up as Kristen mutters, "Oh my God."

"I don't know what to do," Russell tells Kristen when he gets back to the car. "I can't just leave him. Poor guy."

The lil' guy seems happy to be rescued and was in legitimate danger—making him an exception to the rule of generally leaving wild animals be.

Thankfully, Russell's father told the couple he'd seen a mother and baby deer hanging out around a shed in a nearby hay field, the news website reports. That's where the Bealses went to release their new friend. The location was also conveniently above the flooded land.

Getting him back to his mom wasn't as easy as they'd hoped. In a Facebook video, Russell placed the fawn in a field and walked away. The ambling baby deer followed him right back up the hill, maybe just to say, "Thanks, man!"

The couple eventually left him behind and hoped for the best. The next day, there was a whole herd of deer in the area, according to Kristen. We bet her new buddy was in there somewhere!