People stop traffic and wait while she tries to wrangle four cubs, one by one, to safety. You know this will never work the first time!
bear cub hiding in between mama bear's leg
Credit: jadimages / Shutterstock

All parents can relate. You're just trying to move youngsters from point A to point B and havoc ensues. This one is running back and forth! Another is climbing something! And one will always just sit ... and not move. A mama bear has a slight advantage, though—she can pick up her cubs by the scruff of their necks. That should work, right? 

We see you shaking your head through the interwebs.

Boisterous cubs are far too curious to fall in line with the task at hand! After all, bears have a playful side, and honestly, who can resist the charms of a waddly, fuzzy baby bear, especially when he's yours? Nevertheless, as the video below shows, this particular mama bear trying to get all her cubs safely across a street definitely has her paws full! 

Yep! One running back and forth, one climbing something, one just sitting. We can't even imagine where the first one across wandered off to! A Winstead, Conn., woman shared this video with Viral Hog and said, "First I thought one baby had been struck by car, came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all four babies to cross the street, together! I can relate as a mom of four myself!" Mama bears: they're just like us! 

While watching this, we couldn't help but wonder if there was some particular mom/cub dialogue happening. You know what we mean. 

"Get across the street right this second, Paddington! I mean it!"
"I don't wanna!"
"I'm not joking! Fozzie! Stop biting your brother."
"He started it!"
"Baloo? Where are you?"
(off in the distance) "Over here!"
"Winnie, I'm not going tell you again, come down from that pole!"
"I don't wanna!"

We feel you, mama bear. You are seen.