One simple, selfless deed becomes an internet sensation.
mother duck leading a trail of ducklings across the street
Credit: madsci / Getty

In need of a feel-good moment? This short video clip will restore your faith in the world for the next 17 seconds of pure goodness as a man helps a mother duck and her ducklings safely cross the street. 

In the touching video shared to YouTube by DailyPicksandFlicks, the Good Samaritan can be seen stopping traffic at a busy intersection with at least four lanes of traffic. The man holds back cars as the mother duckling waddles through with her brood of ducklings—successfully crossing thanks to his act of kindness (and the patience of the folks waiting for the little feathered family to cross). The caption of the video reads, "Not all heroes wear capes." 

Fans of the do-gooder and darling duckies left comments like, "What a helpful person," and "Hope in humanity restored. Most humans have a good heart, and this person has a heart of gold." And we couldn't agree more. The video has resonated with fellow animal-lovers, earning over 10 thousand views since originally shared in April of 2021. We can only imagine that ducks everywhere are quacking for this compassionate man. 

It's not uncommon to see these mother duck parades, especially in the spring and early summer after the ducklings hatch. Most likely, the moms in charge know exactly where they're headed—to a pond, river, or lake. But, sometimes, us humans and our bustling lives get in the way. 

Thank goodness for kind-hearted and brave people like the man seen in this trending video. He seems to be enjoying himself while taking safety into consideration. Roads can be a dangerous place, so safety is key (for ourselves and our duck friends). If you ever find yourself serving as a duck crossing guard, remember the rule of safety first: Don't ever put yourself or others in danger. 

The Canadian Wildlife Federation says that while it can be difficult to resist those cute little ducklings, the safety of the general public should always come first. The organization suggests contacting local police to help guide ducks off the road and consider reaching out to city officials about installing duck crossing signs especially if it's an area where it's common to see ducks crossing the road. Bonus points for how cute those duck crossing signs are when you're driving by!