Pool party, anyone?

As summer nears its close, pool days are becoming sacred. But us humans aren't the only ones taking a dive to beat the heat. Exhibit A, this Instagram video of a mama bear and her two cubs taking a staycation at a Los Angeles couple's backyard pool.

The video recorded by Tiffany Noel Kress starts with a ringing. Kress's bell-trained dog, Daisy, chimes over and over again at the family's back door, signaling she wants to go outside. Kress, however, concludes, "I don't think she can go out right now." And it's no wonder—they have visitors! 

The large mama bear is wading in their pool while one cub hangs on the edge and exchanges swats with their sibling in the water. The two babies proceed to chase each other and wrestle. Meanwhile, Daisy barks and whines, probably wishing she could swim and play, too. 

Bears swimming in pool

Kress and her husband Kevin seem amused by the situation unfolding in their backyard, providing playful commentary to the two cubs tussling. "You want some? Let's go," Kevin says in an ironic tough-guy voice. "Mama's boy!" Kress adds. 

One could easily be alarmed by a family of bears stopping by for a visit, but this is a common occurrence for the laid-back couple. Kress explains in the caption that they "see these bears almost every day and often multiple times a day behind our house." 

The video ends with Kress fawning over the mother bear once she rises over the pool, noting how beautiful she is. We can only hope we'd have the same cool, collected reaction to seeing bears in our own backyard.