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Hungry Firefighting Goats are Helping California Prepare for the 2021 Wildfire Season

TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California, welcomed 850 goats from the Goatapelli Foundation to their property to gobble up potentially combustible vegetation

4-Year-Old Boy Cleans Up Trash to Help Animals in His Neighborhood

He might be young, but Niklaus Reilly is already dedicated to improving the community for his furry and feathered friends.

Bear Enters California Home Only to Be Chased Off By Barking Terriers

Squirt and Mei Mei saw a bear in their home—how many dogs can say that—and chased it away with a flurry of barks.

Eloise the Rescue Seal Pup Returns To the Ocean After 42-Day Recovery at National Aquarium

Baltimore's National Aquarium released Eloise the grey seal pup back into the Atlantic Ocean on April 7 after a 42-day recovery at the aquarium’s Animal Care and Rescue Center.

Lonely Baby Fox Found 'Crying' in Virginia Garden Rescued and Reunited with Mom

The tiny fox was found in a homeowner's garden "crying for his mother," the Animal Welfare League of Arlington shared in a Tuesday post on Facebook and Instagram

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Cold-Stunned Rescue Sea Turtles Released into Gulf of Mexico After Months of Rehabilitation

A total of 28 cold-stunned sea turtles were rehabilitated, 13 of which were released into the Gulf of Mexico on Monday.