Watch This Yorkie Mom Sweetly Care for an Abandoned Kitten Like She's One of Her Puppies

The kitten's mom left her behind, so the Yorkie—who recently had a litter of puppies—took her in and cared for her.

Yorkie kissing and licking kitten as if her own
Photo: Courtesy of lucerohernandezvi / TikTok

A newborn kitten whose mom ran away recently found a new caretaker—a Yorkshire terrier mother who recently gave birth to a litter of puppies.

We meet the kitten in an April 6 TikTok posted by Californian Lucero Hernandez Vil. In the video, she jokingly says the dog gave birth to the kitten when in reality the kitty's mom was scared off by dogs, leaving her newborn behind.

The video shows the kitty laying around with the three Yorkie puppies, and one shot shows a human hand holding the tiny kitten as the Yorkie foster mom excitedly looks up and wags her tail.

The small dog loves her adopted kiddo "so much," even bathing her cat-mom style. The kitten lays around with her new siblings and nurses with them, too. Unfortunately, Hernandez Vil worried the kitten might not make it through the night, writing in the comments that she was "less active" in the evening.

But here she is on April 8—her foster mom still trying to make sure she's cleaned up:

The final update we get on the kitten is from earlier this week when Hernandez Vil, responding to a comment on a different video, said the kitten is doing "fine" but was no longer under her care. Phew.

Both videos of the little kitten earned nearly 20 million views and a few inquiries about how a dog gave birth to a kitten. (It was a joke, folks.) To us, it's a good reminder that we can't do anything without the moms in our lives. Good dog!

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