Watch This Cat Become Besties With the Puppy He Brought Home in His Mouth

At first, BC’s owner thought the small pup was really a giant rat. Thank goodness she was wrong.

hands holding small Chihuahua puppy
Photo: Roció Ferrin / EyeEm / Getty

The Law of the Jungle is, as we all know, "survival of the fittest." What is somewhat less well known, however, is the Law of the Suburbs: finders keepers. It's a law BC the cat takes very seriously and something his human, TikTok user AmayaSO, learned when BC brought home a puppy in his mouth.

"I literally thought the dog was a huge rat because the cat was carrying it in his mouth," AmayaSO writes in the Feb. 26 video's caption.

But, as we see in the short video that has been viewed 2.7 million times, BC brought home a small, brown and white pup for the family. BC is clearly very intent on keeping the pup—who looks to be a Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix—considering the way he rubs up against the confused puppy.

In a follow-up video posted the next day, AmayaSO says the puppy's origins are no longer a mystery. He actually belongs to a house down the street—which happens to belong to AmayaSO's niece, making the puppy an official member of the family. In the second video, the puppy—now named Peco—is minding his own business on a small patch of gravel when BC springs from out of the shadows and pounces on the unsuspecting pup, giving him a big hug in the process.

AmayaSO says Peco "belongs to the whole family now," and posted a third video March 3, showing the tiny pup enjoying the view of some chickens and livestock at her farm. He's clearly a sweet little boy who is loved by at least two households and most definitely by one very bold cat.

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