If only every group of siblings could play this nice!
cat cuddling with and licking dog
Credit: Courtesy of thatdoggosarge / TikTok

Sarge has a pretty good life. He's Canadian, which is already pretty cool, but in addition to a human family that loves him, Sarge also gets to pal around with his two kitty best friends.

The little dog, 7, and his feline pals are favorites on TikTok for their adorable, uncomplicated friendships that result in lots of cuddling and peaceful grooming sessions. Kitties Conan and Eleanor have clearly accepted sweet-faced Sarge as one of their own.

Eleanor makes appearances throughout Sarge's TikTok account, but the obvious star of the show is Conan, the orange tabby who coaxes Sarge into cuddling before grooming his ears. So far, the video has been viewed 3.7 million times.

Eleanor—the apparent "bully" of the house—appears to have a much more measured affection for her dog and cat siblings, preferring to take a "close but not touching" approach to family time. But Sarge and Conan have no such qualms, going all-in on their love for one another.

It wasn't necessarily love at first sight for these two; little kitten Conan was clearly a little skeptical of the inquisitive doggo. But as time (and a bit of proper socialization) went on, the pair became the inseparable buddies they are today. Sarge, Conan, Eleanor, and their humans are on a bit of a posting hiatus at the moment while the family moves, but that clearly hasn't stopped Sarge and his orange bestie from warming one another—and all our hearts—with their cuddles and love.