One of these pups is not like the others!

We all know the bond between a mother and her kiddos is truly something special, and it's certainly no different for animals. This adorable video of an Australian cattle dog choosing to 'adopt' a gosling into her litter of newborn pups once again shows that a mother's love knows no bounds—and TikTok users everywhere are just as smitten with the cute clip as we are!

TikTok user @MeaghanMadison regularly uploads clips detailing the day-to-day happenings of raising cattle on a farm to her account, but it wasn't until she posted the now-viral clip of her Australian cattle dog with all of her babies (both feathered and furry) that her account really gained the attention of the masses.

The hilarious TikTok shows the mama pup officially making the little gosling a part of the fam by repeatedly grabbing the baby goose and placing him among her puppies in their kennel. Initially, the baby goose tries to scurry back out, but like any dutiful mom, the blue heeler is fully prepared to carefully snatch the gosling back up again and reunite him with his new siblings.

Madison joked about the tiny gosling's tendency to wander away from the family as she captioned the TikTok, "Goose is the trouble child."

Baby gosling sitting near water
Credit: seren128 / Shutterstock

The sweet clip has gone viral since it was first posted to TikTok on May 7 and has already managed to accumulate 13.3 million views and over 1.9 million likes. The video seems to channel the perfect combination of cute, cuddly, and comical, and many users have flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on the darling family's adopted addition.

One user commented, "that's love right there. Welcome to the family!"

Another joked about how the gosling looks a bit out of place next to his puppy siblings by commenting, "that one's obviously the stepchild." The baby goose may have more feathers than fluff, but we think he's still just as adorable as his siblings!

Though the gosling may look different than the rest of his new canine crew, it seems like this adoptive momma will make sure he feels right at home!