William’s parents might need to get a new baby. I think this one belongs to Teddy now.
white cat snuggles baby
Credit: Courtesy of williamandteddy / Tiktok

This is a story about William and Teddy. William is a baby human. Teddy is an adult cat. Together, they are adorable.

The world first became aware of their bond Jan. 29 when William's parents posted a video of the baby-cat duo cuddling together to their new TikTok account, @WilliamAndTeddy. The video is short—10 seconds—but manages to hit all the right spots: There's a gently napping baby who is getting soft head rubs from an adult human hand, while a soft, floofy, white cat gives the baby the warmest, most gentle kitty cuddle possible. All while Christina Perri's rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" burbles pleasantly. In a word? Idyllic.

It's easy to see why such a peaceful, contentedly sweet scene of introducing a baby and a cat has garnered so much attention. It's prime for watching three or four times on a loop. And people are most definitely watching: As of now, the video has racked up 9.5 million views, 800,000 likes, and nearly 10,000 comments. And why shouldn't it? William is adorable and Teddy the cat is clearly smitten with him.

So over the course of the ensuing month, William's parents have built quite a following on TikTok with six more videos combining for nearly 700,000 additional views and their page acquiring over 34,000 followers. There's William and Teddy getting tucked in together, Teddy keeping William warm, and William having a spa day (presumably while Teddy watches from just off camera). Frankly, it's just pleasant. Nobody is trying to reinvent the wheel here, it's just a cute baby and a cute kitty being really cute with one another.