Toby might be unqualified, but he's trying his best!
Multi-colored dog laying down with several tiny kittens
Credit: Courtesy of ljayne7 / TikTok

Toby the dog probably didn't sign up for kitten babysitting, but he seems to be doing a fabulous job. 

In a TikTok posted by ljayne7 (Lauren) on Tuesday, a gray cat with striped legs lays on a dog bed with Toby and five fuzzy kittens. Lauren's voice wonders what's going on before the video shows the mother cat toting another kitten to Toby via the scruff of the kitten's neck.

The video closes with an unsure-looking Toby babysitting the kittens who seem to be trying to figure out his deal. According to Lauren, the cat will do this when she "needs a little break." Good! We all need more of those.

Responding in the video's comments, Lauren says Toby is the kittens' "unqualified uncle who is just trying his best to help." His laying with the kitties is also the longest time he's ever spent still, she writes.

Toby —a border collie and Australian shepherd mix—has obviously been "cat-tested," so we're sure he'll be a natural at looking after those fuzzballs—and we're guessing mom enjoyed her rest.

So far, the video has earned more than 4.3 million views.

When he's not babysitting, Toby enjoys swinging and looking after his own puppy, Bruno (but we don't talk about him).