This scene is like something straight out of a Disney fairytale.
black dog with butterflies on nose
Credit: Courtesy of spicymexicanbean / TikTok

Feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list? From stressful work dynamics and deadlines to mountains of laundry and kid carpooling chaos—you've earned a well-deserved moment of Zen. And nothing is more calming than watching this video of an adorable dog named Gordo as he gently plays with his new butterfly friends.

TikTok user spicymexicanbean, a.k.a. Gaby, shared a video of her corgi-Lab-border collie mix having an unlikely (and almost unbelievable!) encounter with butterflies. The serene scene is like something straight from a Disney fairytale, and TikTokers can't get enough of the pup's peaceful demeanor as he watches them flit and flutter about his adorable noggin.

In the video, Gordo retrieves his ball, only to look up and see two colorful butterflies fluttering over head. Distracted (maybe even enamored?), the gentle pooch drops his ball and watches in wonder—even allowing one of the butterflies to land on his cute pupper nose.

The 2-year-old pooch then takes a moment with the delicate creature on his snoot before he calmly seems to place it back on the ground. To make the adorable video even more Zen-like, a tranquil tune plays in the background: "Avatar's Love" by Javriii.

The trending video has already earned over 22.2 million views since it was originally shared on July 3. Viewers have weighed in with their own doggos' less delicate intentions, writing their dog "would've gone… yummy." We have to agree—this is certainly a special moment in nature shared by a special pooch!

While many dogs are prone to snacking on flying insects like cicadas (or at least making a game of catch out of them!), Gordo allowed his loving, loyal Labrador retriever ancestry to shine through.

We're so happy that Gaby shared this adorable video of her sweet pup Gordo for the welcomed moment of peace and serenity. In a follow-up TikTok post she writes, "Thank you all for loving my dog as much as I have," and then asks, "Do you guys want more Gordo videos?" I think it's safe to answer on behalf of all the animal lovers out there—YES, PLEASE!