Kaia's toddler brother is a really good buddy.
toddler feeding golden tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of kodaandfriends / TikTok

You really don't hear enough about how sneaky toddlers are the real threats to our dogs' healthy weights. 

That's at least the case for Kaia, the golden retriever who was featured in an Oct. 15 TikTok. It begins with Kaia, who shares the kodaandfriends account, laying on a bed. Her owner wonders why she's starting to look a little "thicc." Apparently, Kaia has put on a little weight. 

Her dealer soon reveals himself. It's Finn, her human toddler brother. In 14 seconds, the video shows the little diaper-clad guy delivering treats to his 2-year-old dog best friend. He totals five trips, as Belgian Malinois Koda becomes interested in the mobile treat dispenser as well.   

Finn delivered all those snacks in just a couple of minutes, according to the video's description. So far, the video has earned more than 2.7 million views. 

While the video was likely made in jest, all pet parents should make sure they can determine their pups' healthy weights. And if they're sporting a little too much junk in their trunk, you'll want to make sure your dog can lose weight safely. (As always, consult your veterinarian.) 

Step one: Keep their interaction with adorably generous toddlers. (Kidding.)