You have to see Goose’s face when he feels the kick.

If your day hasn't been quite adorable enough yet, buckle up, because this TikTok is about to kick it into overdrive.

The video in question, posted in September by TikTok user @meggysuemalouf, shows Megan laying down with one of her two pit bulls, Goose, resting his head gently between a pillow and her pregnant belly.

dogs surprised expression when he hear's a baby kick in mother's womb
Credit: Courtesy of meggysuemalouf / TikTok

"When you feel your tiny human bestie kick for the first time," reads the caption to the video. "Wait for his reaction."

For the first 15 seconds, it's just quality pupper content:  Goose lies with mom, content and slightly sleepy. But suddenly, oh! Bright green eyes widen and ears perk up as a tiny, unseen foot kicks up inside mama and presses against the doggo's head. The sweet, tan-and-white Goose looks at his pregnant person as the pair of them share a quiet, lovely bonding moment with the unborn member of their family.

So far, the precious video has registered more than 24.7 million views.  

The story is made all the more precious when one takes a gander through some of Megan's earlier TikToks.  The pregnancy and eventual happy, healthy baby girl came after she and her husband struggled through two years of infertility.

Though proper socialization and introduction techniques are always recommended, dogs can be wonderful companions for toddlers and babies. And from the looks of things, little baby Ivy is going to have a pair of very loving companions as she grows.