Faith in humanity: restored.

Let this be your daily internet cleanse: a precious moment captured between a nursing dog, her puppies, and a very sweet little girl.

toddler kisses nursing dog
Credit: Elena Nasledova / Shutterstock

In the home surveillance video from July 8, the toddler admires a genuinely impressive litter of golden retriever pups and their mother in their whelping box. She pets one of the puppies before giving mama dog an appreciative pet on the head as well. She starts to walk away but  comes back and places a gentle kiss on the top of the mother's head. All the while, pups (I count eight) continue to nurse, with mama helping one wayward pup find its way back to her belly.

The video has been a welcome bit of wholesomeness, but also serves as an example of the importance of proper socialization of pets and young children. And while the best rule of thumb is to keep interactions between toddlers and pets monitored, making sure young children and pets are comfortable and relaxed around one another is a great way to ensure that interactions stay as sweet as this. 

The video has been viewed 2.8 million times and with good reason, as it serves as a lovely moment of emotional sunshine, whenever you need a little break.