We all love a little brotherly mischief.
cat the locks dog in closet
Credit: Courtesy of mrmilothechonk / TikTok

Mischievous brother Milo is back at it—on an even larger scale. 

Back in the fall, we learned of the gray tabby's special trick: convincing his golden retriever brother Beckham to enter his crate before trapping him inside. It's all in good fun, and Milo earns the extra benefit of more attention from their owner while Beckham is freed right away.

Their owner, however, took Beckham's crate away, so the (displeased) Milo has resorted to trapping Beckham in a closet. What a little mastermind.

The new misbehavior began earlier in the week, according to the TikTok account Milo shares with his owner, Erika. Sweet boy Beckham is usually in the room with them, but the video shows that he's suspiciously elsewhere. Erika immediately suspects Milo, whose, "Who, me?" face is a dead giveaway.

After a short search, Erika found Beckham in her slightly ajar closet, as Milo looked on guiltily before entering the closet himself. But the video, which has earned more than 3.4 million views, was only evidence—not proof.

So Erika set up a sting, placing her camera in front of her closet door. Sure enough, Milo enters the closet, and Beckham comes to see him, innocently wanting to join his brother in the tiny clothes room. (Don't do it, buddy!) Milo then splits, pushing the door in so it's only barely open.

It's enough to make Beckham think he's trapped inside, so Erika quickly liberates him. Maybe someday he'll learn that his brother is not-as-violent Loki. 

Worry not: Erika says her family closes all their doors when they're away, so Beckham is never "trapped" for long. And when she is home, she tries to prevent Milo's shenanigans—even though they are quite funny.

And don't forget: In reality, they're best buds.