Raised with cats, this pit bull takes fitting in to a whole new level.

You can forget the phrase "fight like cats and dogs." We now know cats and dogs can coexist and become chummy best buds when they're introduced correctly. Now, they've gotten so close that they've even adopted each other's habits.

Take Mako, for example, a sprightly 3-year-old pit bull rescue who not only gets along with cats but even acts like his feline friends. Namely, he loves perching on elevated surfaces. His owners Bethany and Samantha Castiller theorize Mako was previously raised with cats, which would explain his, uh, different behavior.

You can see it in a TikTok Bethany posted to her account last October that was viewed more than 6.5 million times. Mako is seen sniffing at his two cat siblings on the countertop, the caption reading, "Bringing home my new dog hoping he likes cats."

dog who thinks he's a cat sitting on a kitchen counter next to a cat
Credit: Courtesy of bcatswizz / TikTok

We'd say it went well because the next few frames show Mako quickly folding into the cat crew. This dogcat (catdog?) sits on the countertops alongside his furry siblings, even managing to hop on top of the refrigerator! Don't believe us? This TikTok shows Mako's impressive running approach and cat-like leap, evidence that he's not given a leg-up by his human friends. Counter-surfing is pretty easy when you realize all you need to do is simply jump completely onto any table, counter, or appliance.

Bethany says that he doesn't bark, eats cat treats, and is "overall a really weird little dude!" He even plays with cat toys!

Way to keep things interesting, Mako. These days, he's still keeping watch from his refrigerator summit, making sure no midnight snack goes unseen. We, along with 1.8 million other TikTok fans, love this little dude and hope he continues to rock his copycat lifestyle!