You can almost see the friendship begin to blossom in real time!

It's well known dogs and cats have a long pop-culture history of being anything but friends. Their antagonistic relationship is often the premise behind popular cartoons and movies like Tom and Jerry and Cats & Dogs. The contested relationship has even surfaced in children's books, art, and poems. There's even the phrase "fight like cats and dogs." But we know, for a fact, that cats and dogs can get along and even become best buddies.

Enter the purr-fect real-world example that shatters this longstanding stereotype. This trending TikTok video of a kitten meeting her dog sibling for the first time has pet lovers everywhere oohing and aahing!

dog meets kitten tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of katiesquibb / TikTok

In the heartwarming video, the playful 2-year-old golden retriever named Lucy investigates her new kitty sibling. The footage begins with Lucy cautiously circling the tiny cat. She slowly approaches for a sniff, followed by a gentle paw-tap at her new playmate. The small kitten barely moves, and our star Lucy seems to appear genuinely confused by the very still, very new fluffball lying on the floor. A human can be heard in the background telling the dog to "give her a kiss."

After a few more circles and close encounters, the video ends with an outpouring of the pup's playful side. With her paws down and backside up, you can almost hear her saying, "Please play with me!"

The trending video, posted Aug. 8 by Katie Squibb on TikTok, has already earned 13.8 million views and thousands of comments. One fan writes, "It's incredibly obvious your doggo is gentle and concerned about that baby's comfort and safety!" We concur—Lucy is clearly a very good girl.

If you're wondering if this amicable relationship between kitten and puppy lasts, another video shared a few weeks later shows the couple of floofs cuddling on the floor (case closed, they're buds). Squibb also posted a short video sharing details about the precious pair, saying that Lucy the golden retriever is "seriously the best" and the tiny kitten, named Joey, was rescued from a friend and is only 4 weeks old. In fact, the little one is still being bottle-fed but doing really well. Squibb says she hopes to continue sharing adorable videos of Lucy and Joey. We'll definitely be following along.

Clearly some dogs and cats are indeed capable of getting along. Just remember to do your research before introducing any dog to a cat, and vice versa, so you can help them get accustomed to each other slowly and safely. It's also a good idea to check with your vet before bringing any new animals into your home, since they can offer some tips and advice specifically tailored to your pet, their behavior, and even their breed type.