Bunnies aren't the only little, furry creatures that get to be all hippity-hoppity.

Here's your daily dose of cuteness: an adorable pair of buddies that may surprise you—a fluffy little kitten and cuddly, cotton-tailed rabbit. Adding to this anomaly, the copycat kitten may actually believe he's part rabbit (cabbit?).

Posted Oct. 19 by p_malina, a TikTok video shows the kitten carefully watching his rabbit friend use their back bunny legs to push off and then land on his front feet—a perfect rabbit hop.

hopping kitten and her bunny friend
Credit: Courtesy of p_malina / TikTok

It's safe to assume that this clever kitty was taking mental notes. The next scene shows the kitten mimicking the bunny rabbit's locomotive style with several successful hops of his own along a tiled kitchen floor. The whole scene will melt your heart—and fans couldn't agree more! The video has already amassed over 21.1 million views. "When your kitten thinks he's a rabbit too" is the very appropriate caption of the trending video.

But many fans are left wondering: Why? What made this cat mimic her bouncy buddy? According to this Inverse article, the not-so-cat-like behavior could be attributed to a psychological phenomenon called the social learning theory. In short, it's the idea that the decisions we make are influenced by other people. So, in this interspecies animal combo, the bunny's behavior may have influenced the cat to act in a similar way. If only we could ask the this cat directly!

So what is cuter than a kitten hopping like a bunny? Maybe an adorable dog and duck pair or this cat and horse duo? It's a tie! Improbable animal pairs are downright swoon-worthy and we can only hope that this kitten and rabbit duo will live hoppily ever after!