This is the snuggliest duo of the century.

If you need some snuggling, there are few better options than a golden retriever, and that's probably what this lil' kitten named Monkey was thinking when they abandoned their owner for their dog sibling.

The result: an especially sweet moment of pure cuddling bliss. It comes to us from the TikTok account Brownhikingtrails, which is likely operated by Monkey and golden retriever Kai's owner. Posted Oct. 29, we see Monkey sneak away from their human and approach the golden laying on the couch. 

Golden Labrador retriever cuddling with kitten
Credit: Courtesy of brownhikingtrails / TikTok

Slowly, the striped cat nuzzles up to Kai, crawling over the dog's rear legs and nestling under the dog's snout and into their furry midsection. Kai even drops their head down near the cat to serve as the ultimate big spoon. It's plenty adorable and something we could all use as we enter the coldest parts of winter. 

Fittingly, warmth might actually have something to do with the cuddling. As a helpful commenter noted under the video, dogs generally run hotter than us humans, so we can't blame Monkey for ditching their owner for the dog—though Elvis Presley's "Hurt" playing over the video is a nice touch. None of us can compete with a golden retriever. 

The video has earned more than 7.3 million views so far, and luckily the account has featured even more Kai and Monkey videos as the kitten has grown up. Many of them seem to involve the two of them playfully tussling when they're not out hiking.

It's no wonder they need to snuggle up together when they're living such active lifestyles.