The kitten, named Wednesday, has a signature move: the pounce.

We're reaching the end of the week here and could really use something to push us over the edge. Thankfully, we have these two bitty buddies who decided recently to have a wrestling match.

The captivating contest comes from the city of Pocahontas in northeastern Arkansas. The contenders: rescue kitten Wednesday and a rescued raccoon baby named either Hansel or Gretel. Jacey Oakes, the veterinary technician who recorded the video, doesn't disclose which is which (the other raccoon is seen in the background of the video).

baby raccoon standing on log
Credit: L-N / Shutterstock

Wednesday is the antagonizer, jumping on Hansel/Gretel twice before entangling them on the ground. The kitten's jumping and then re-tangling of limbs repeated with the other raccoon content to wander around the background and not tag out their partner at all. 

Toward the end of the video, the raccoon tries to escape the ring, but Wednesday pounces one last time.  

"They get along very well and are very close in age. Wednesday, the orange kitten, is playful but never harmed the other babies," Oakes said, according to Yahoo!.

A no-harm tussle that's so adorable it hurts? Folks, it's like the weekend is already here.