These sweet best friends created an instant bond!

Just when we thought the Internet couldn't possibly get any more adorable, this unlikely animal friendship made its way onto our feeds and immediately stole our hearts—and they're about to steal yours!

We've seen our fair share of cute animal duos, but the bond between this sweet tabby cat and his piglet pal are definitely unique. These inseparable buds come in the form of a 12-week-old kitten named Billy and his precious pal, Wilbur the pot-bellied pig. How exactly did these friends come to be? It's all thanks to one Canadian woman's miniature, at-home farm.

Jody Fraser tells the Calgary Eyeopener that her love of animals led her to move to the countryside with her two cats, dog, and turtle in tow in order to give them a little more space. Not long after, Fraser decided to add a pig to her pet posse, which is what first sparked Billy and Wilbur's instant friendship.

"He's just the nicest little crazy pig ever and very, very low maintenance," Fraser tells the Calgary Eyeopener.

Though Fraser says most of the animals she owns tend to get along with one another, the bond her pot-bellied pig and little kitten share is especially strong.

"The two, just from the beginning, became the best buddies ever," Fraser tells the Eyeopener. "They just love each other. I'm not sure where it came from."

In addition to sleeping together (talk about a cuddle puddle!), Wilbur and Billy quite literally have each other's backs as Fraser says she often finds the two grooming one another throughout the course of the day. Their friendship has even gotten to the point where Fraser is unsure what she'll do once the sweet pig outgrows her home.

The animal lover says that she had only planned to keep Wilbur in the house with his best kitty friend because he was still so small. But now that he's growing in size, she hopes she can still keep him inside, telling the paper that "he's become a part of the family now, so I don't see him going outside." We agree—it would be difficult to break these two cuties up!

If you're just as obsessed with Billy the kitten and his pot-bellied pal, Wilbur as we are, be sure to join the duo's growing following on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to see what fun they get into next!