Watch This Golden Retriever Start Each Morning by Excitedly Checking on His Baby Sister Bestie

Taco found his real calling in life: to be a doggie alarm clock day in, day out.

golden retrieve loves waking up baby in a crib
Photo: Courtesy of mostlyadorable / TikTok

Dogs play an important role in many people's lives—like serving as an effective alarm clock. Sure, it's all hunky-dory Monday through Friday, but those early weekend wake-up calls are not always welcome. There's one tiny human, however, who doesn't seem to mind what day of the week it is.

A TikTok video posted by user mostlyadorable on Jan. 6, shows a doting English cream golden retriever named Taco excitedly leading his owner upstairs to greet his human baby sister, Vanora. The caption reads, "My dog loves to be the first one to greet my baby every morning."

Once Taco reaches the top of the stairs the voiceover says, "This is pretty much his morning routine." But before reaching their destination, the expressive golden looks concerned as his owner pauses in the hallway. You can almost hear Taco saying, "Don't stop! We're almost there!"

There, there poor pup, don't worry. Your owner was just struggling to flip the lights on. After unsticking his "teef," Happy Taco is back impatiently urging his owner toward his toddler sister's door.

The pupper finally reaches Vanora's door, tail wagging in anticipation. His owner opens the nursery door—those opposable thumbs can be so handy—and Taco runs to greet his baby with tail wags and joyous tippy-taps, hoping to play ASAP. The final few moments of the 36-second video include the caption of Taco saying, "Get her out!"

The whole scene is paws-down the cutest doggie alarm clock we've ever seen. As for baby sister, she looks happy to see her furry friend and can't wait to watch his zoomies and spend time together looking out the window. The heartwarming video has earned a whopping 15.1 million views.

It's safe to say that Taco and his baby sister took time to get to know each other, judging by the number of best friend videos posted on their TikTok account. Like this one documenting Taco and his baby sister's first year of life which includes my favorite fan comment: "Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog."

So if you're planning to bring home a new baby, definitely read up on these tips to help with the transition! Hey, maybe you'll end up with an alarm-clock-dog like Taco helping you keep your new baby's sleep schedule. But be warned—there's no snooze feature on Saturday and Sunday.

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