Is it weird that I want to be one of these cows?
golden and his cow friends
Credit: Courtesy of lily_boris_darcy / TikTok

It's no wonder golden retrievers are one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. Boris the cow-kissing pup just happens to be the latest example. 

Boris, who looks quite smart in his red winter hat, is quite invested in the wellbeing of the cattle next door. One of the cows there had an unexpected calf last month, according to a TikTok from the account Boris shares with his two golden siblings, Lily and Darcy.  

He's kept an eye on the new calf as the cold weather has arrived. He even brings out a matching hat when he goes to see his friends, which he does in the video. 

Boris arrives at the fence and takes a seat on his cattle-watching chair. Now the video goes from swell to truly sweet. He leans over the fence to give the cattle a few licks, and they even return the favor. 

"As soon as they see me, they come over to get my cuddles and my kisses," the video's voiceover says. 

The young calf has yet to officially meet Boris, but we're sure the gentle golden will get to meet his new pal soon. 

This ridiculously heartwarming video—which has earned a whopping 8.9 million views since it was posted Oct. 28—also epitomizes why socialization is so important. When dogs like Boris meet new animals and experience new things as youngsters, they're more likely to greet new animals and settings with calm confidence later in life. 

We don't all have cows next door, but if you want to make sure your dog will be able to safely meet new friends, a puppy kindergarten class is a good place to start.