Now if this isn't the sweetest cuddle puddle you've ever seen, we don't know what is.

Looks like these adorable baby bunny rabbits have taken on an unlikely companion to help deliver eggs this Easter season, and it's definitely giving us a case of spring fever! Their new friend is none other than a lovable golden retriever named Bailey who regularly stars in videos posted on the popular YouTube channel, This is Bailey

The doting, 22-day-old bunnies seemingly declare Bailey their adoptive mother as they nuzzle up to her side, while Bailey continuously comforts them with frequent licks, a watchful eye, and an ever-wagging tail. The pup remains unbothered as the baby bunnies frolick between her legs and on top of her paws. A darling blue parakeet is also seen hopping around throughout the video, rounding out Bailey's spring-themed Easter entourage. 

The video, which has been viewed over 9.5 million times since it was first posted in May of 2020, has racked up 245,000 likes and over 12,000 comments from a multitude of adoring viewers. One viewer summed it up best when commenting, "[A] dog, bunnies, and a bird all together? My life is complete." We couldn't agree more.

YouTube isn't the only place you can find Bailey and her precious bunny friends—this popular golden retriever from Costa Del Sol, Spain also has her very own Instagram and TikTok accounts, both under the name @FunnyDogBailey. 

Most of the time, her followers will find Bailey napping the day away, scampering in the snow, and gently playing with a variety of critters both big and small. Her social media presence is also littered with videos of Bailey interacting and cuddling with her bunny buddies, just in case you need an extra dose of spring adorableness to carry you through the rest of the seasons long after your dog-friendly Easter egg hunt is over. Either way, it's clear Bailey's easy-going temperament makes her the perfect match for her young, fluffy friends (a rarity for many dogs who have a natural instinct to chase the little critters)!

We look forward to more videos of Bailey and the bunnies gracing our feeds in the near future, but for now? Don't mind us as we keep this one on repeat as the cutest pick-me-up all spring long.