Dogs with babies! Dogs with bird babies! Dogs!
Dog balancing a baby chick on his nose so gently
Credit: Courtesy of von.jakoba / TikTok

We have the one thing you've gone your whole life until now not knowing you needed. It's videos of German shepherds and baby birds. But be warned: There's no going back from this. Once you've seen one of these videos, you may wonder how you ever lived without them and find yourself craving them daily.

These particular videos come courtesy of Jakoba German Shepherds, a German shepherd breeder until recently, on TikTok, and they are just too precious for words. The channel follows the adventures of a houseful of GSDs, Koba, Brenna, Meeka, Ryker, Kai, and Atlas, who all make appearances in various videos. There's also a baby human, River, who is also cute but far less athletic because of how human babies work.

Some of the videos are your run-of-the-mill DogTok vintage: Dogs in hats, photoshoot compilation videos, and dogs in nature. But then there were baby birds.

Whaaaaaaaat?!? They're so small! And at one point, one of the dogs licks one of the chicks, but not in a "does this taste like a snack?" way. More of a "we must make the baby feel welcome" way. Everything about this is perfect, and I am here for it. This particular video has been viewed 4.5 million times since it was posted on April 28, but it's also not the only video of its kind.

OK stop. NO really, what is that?? The nose-balance, the "I'm a fourth grader at picture day" awkward smile, the tiny, tiny bird. It's all just perfect. The German shepherds are all beautiful and super well-behaved, and the human behind the camera clearly has an eye for capturing their doggo buddies' best sides.

Seriously, this might be my new favorite channel. I could watch these all day.