Watch these unlikely bass-and-bulldog besties bond in this sweet TikTok series.

There's nothing quite as captivating as adorable animal friendships caught on camera—which is why we're currently obsessing over Frank and Bean, the unlikely dog-and-fish friend duo going viral on TikTok.

The pair got over 2 million likes on their first video posted on the @OneFaceFrank TikTok account, which is dedicated to a fun-loving bulldog named Frank. The video features a compilation of days that Frank's owner walked Frank on a dock at a nearby pond, where Frank stared longingly into the waters, seemingly waiting for something—or someone. After a few days of regular visits to the dock, an adorable friend shows up in the form of an underwater pal. After all that waiting, it's understandable that Frank gets a little excited about his new visitor... and the rest is TikTok history.

fish swimming in clear waters
Credit: petrle / Getty

This budding friendship has continued to grow in the weeks since. Frank's owner posted a happy update saying they went back to look for Frank's fish friend after their initial 'meeting', and after a few tries they noticed that the same fish had started to reliably show up every morning around the same time (between 9 and 9:30 a.m.) to visit with Frank, posted at the edge of the dock watching the water below.

Some viewers left comments suggesting Frank take his new friend—who appears to be a freshwater bass the account has dubbed Bean—some fish treats. Frank and his owner happily complied, even posting an adorable TikTok update showing Frank laying next to a picnic basket on the dock waiting for Bean to show up for snack time. When Bean finally appears to snack on his treat, the camera cut's to Frank's adorable, excited tail wiggle.

Since then, the duo has shared several hilarious and heartwarming updates, including footage of Frank putting up a "No Fishing" sign, imagined conversations, replies to viewer questions, and even the details of a turf war between Bean and a group of sunfish who seem to have tried taking over their meeting spot.

We love this precious pair of pals, and we're happy to hear from recent posts that Frank and Bean are still seeing each other almost every day. Their hang-outs involve a lot of staring, swimming, snacks, and tail-wagging—which we think sounds like the perfect summer to-do list.