Fighting like cats and dogs? Snowball fighting, maybe.
Black cat playing in the snow
Credit: A.J. CASSAIGNE / Getty

This adorable cat and dog duo proves the holiday season can bring together pets of all shapes and sizes. Humor and Animals tweeted a heartwarming clip of a gorgeous golden retriever taking a stylish, sweater-wearing cat friend for a snowy day sleigh ride.

The playful pooch seems thrilled to be leading the way with a wagging tail, while the curious cat looks out peacefully into the winter wonderland. The video was shared on Christmas Eve and has been viewed over 680,000 times since then.

Viewers have left thousands of replies, ranging from the lovely “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” to sillier, sassier comments like “Leave it to a cat to let a dog do all the work.” Ha!

We love watching these best blizzard buddies enjoy the winter weather together. Even if the cat did let the dog do all the work, the happy retriever certainly seems to have enjoyed the jaunt through the snow. And in true cat fashion, the pup’s fashionable feline friend seems perfectly content to stare on from the comfort of a box.

If your pet is ready for some adorable winter playtime, just remember these tips before heading out for some snow day fun with your pets: