We don’t know whether to say “eww” or “aww.”
dachshund with his face in and bloodhound's mouth
Credit: Courtesy of makaylastaats / Tiktok

Everyone had something they may be a little too embarrassed to do in front of others. But while you're dancing like no one is watching or belting Adele in the shower, one bloodhound and dachshund duo have no shame in a recent viral TikTok, where the latter is seen with their face buried in the hound's jowls.  

The video, which was posted by Makayla Staats on Sept. 3 and has been viewed nearly 6 million times, starts with an adorably jarring—sorry, jawing—scene. As the bloodhound passively lays down, the long-haired dachshund has their entire snout inside the hound's left cheek. In fact, they're so far up in the jowls that it practically covered their sweet puppy dog eyes. 

It looks as though the dachshund is licking the hound's teeth and isn't afraid to really get up in there. But despite whether they're performing maintenance or just showing affection, the child of the house is absolutely disgusted with the scene.

"How nasty of you!" the kid exclaims out of the frame. They're saying what we're likely all thinking, though we're a little too preoccupied laughing to yell at our screens.

Caught in the act, the pair quickly separate. The bloodhound stands up and out of reach of the little dachshund, who is left guiltily glancing into the camera's judging eye. Playtime (or should we say cleaning time?) is over, and these pups are now keeping their paws to themselves. 

Still, there are better ways to clean your dog's teeth. A nice dental chew beats out manual licking any day (and it's a lot more sanitary).