Skippy and Tilly G are best buds, even though Skippy uses a little bit of a trick to get the tortoise to play with him.
puppy plays with large tortoise
Credit: Courtesy of tillygthetortoise / TikTok

You have to admire how this wiggly Chiweenie gets his tortoise best friend to play with him—even if it does involve a little deception. 

The dog in question is named Skippy, and he lives with his bud Tilly G the tortoise and five other rescue animals. Tilly G has a TikTok account, which often shows him meandering around their yard while Skippy happily dances around him. 

A video posted March 2 shows exactly how Skippy gets his shelled brother to join in the playtime fun. The energetic dog interests 8-year-old Tilly G with a pea pod dog toy, luring the faster-than-expected tortoise toward him. Perhaps Tilly G thinks the toy is a real, large pea pod he can chomp into. 

Through several scenes, we get to see the dog and tortoise enjoying some friendship in the grass. Of course, once Skippy drops the toy—revealing its fakeness—Tilly G doesn't have much use for it and moves on with his day.

That video has earned nearly 426,000 views, but it's hardly the only way these buddies enjoy each other's company. Skippy also loves to show Tilly G all his sticks. Long sticks, morning sticks, afternoon sticks, running sticks, half-eaten sticks—all the sticks. 

You can see in this video that's earned more than 1.4 million views since it was posted Feb. 23:

You can keep up with Skippy and Tilly G—who also likes a nice hat—on TikTok