This cat takes care of the puppies while their mom takes a deserved break.
cat nannys puppies
Credit: Courtesy of kiwigirlxoxox / TikTok

A cat who recently lost her kittens is putting her motherly instincts to work by nannying a litter of puppies in a series of truly adorable videos. 

According to the TikTok posted earlier this week by kiwigirlxoxox, the gray, striped mother cat lost her kittens on March 24. Three weeks later, she started doting on the litter of teensy golden puppies. She even chooses to sleep with them while their mom gets her well-deserved sleep on the human bed. Excellent co-parenting.

The video, which shows the cat giving one of the puppies a, uh, purposeful tongue bath, has earned nearly 1 million views on the video-sharing platform.

This bonus mom's dedication is especially appropriate with Mother's Day arriving this weekend. She joins the ranks of other hero moms like Ruby the Doberman, Pepper the foster dog, and Angela the corgi.

Her nannying of the puppies is apparently so nurturing that the puppy who was sitting outside the bucket in the first video had to climb back in to get some love. Luckily, kiwigirlxoxo has the footage.

And, finally, we get to watch a peaceful video of the little family sleeping. Awwww.

Happy early Mother's Day!