Every day, Milo manages to trick his golden retriever brother into trapping himself in his own crate.

Sharing can be hard for many of us, and the same goes for this tabby cat who—in order to get all the attention from his owner—tricked his dog brother into being trapped inside his very own crate. It's the perfect cat episode: smart, funny, and more than a little devious.  

The cat in question is Milo, who has more than 1.6 million followers on TIkTok. In a video posted Sept. 3, an annoyed Milo decides his golden retriever brother, Beckham, needs to go elsewhere. So Milo gets up and sits inside Beckham's crate. 

Curious Beckham obviously needs to investigate why Milo is in his crate, so he follows him in and sniffs his feline brother, almost asking, "Hey, man, whatcha doin' in here?" To answer, Milo simply leaves the crate and then stands in its doorway, ensuring Beckham can't escape while maybe silently gloating a little.

To finish the job, Milo closes the crate door halfway. Beckham doesn't know the difference and thinks he's stuck in there, and Milo leaves to get all the pets, love, and attention from their owner. 

"He doesn't like sharing me with our dog," the computerized narration says.  

Milo's cunning trick has so far earned more than 16.6 million views on TikTok, so the cat's owner posted another video last week of him luring poor Beckham into his crate yet again. Their owner says in the caption that the crate trick is a daily occurrence. (C'mon, Beckham! You can figure it out!) 

While the older brother might enjoy messing with Beckham, the pair do seem to actually like each other, whether Milo admits it or not. A TikTok posted Saturday—and viewed more than 7 million times—shows the pair meeting each other and eventually growing close and even cuddling a little. 

You can follow Milo on TikTok, mrmilothechonk, here, and you can find Beckham, who has plenty of followers himself, right here.