Sometimes making due is better than making waves.
dog forced to sleep on tiny bed after cat steals her bed
Credit: Courtesy of zara_pitt / TikTok

Kitten paralyzation is a real thing everyone with a cat has experienced. You'll be sitting down, reading a book or watching TV. You want to get up and go do something, but … there's a cat asleep on your lap. There's nothing to be done. You live in that chair now.

A less common subset of kitten paralyzation is when you want to sit in a chair or lay on a couch, but there's already a kitty sleeping peacefully right in the middle. Well that settles it: You can't sit there now. This is where Zara the pit bull finds herself in this TikTok, posted to her zara_pitt account.

Zara wants to lay down for a nap, but she encounters a roadblock in the form of her much smaller roommate, Amora. The teensy calico is already fast asleep in the middle of Zara's giant dog bed, which leaves the 6-year-old pitty with just one alternative.

It's not a perfect solution, as Zara would be the first to admit. But she gives Amora's tiny cat bed a try. As the sweet girl tries her hardest to make the best of the situation, we pan back over to Amora, sleeping peacefully in the exact center of a bed that's three times larger than she needs.

Doggos can be weird, so it might be your first reaction to think, "Maybe that's just their arrangement. Maybe Zara likes the tiny bed." To which I say, look at this face:

The tiny bed is not Zara's first choice. This is clearly the face of a dog who Doesn't Want to Make Waves.

"Of course it fits me," the caption of the second video reads. No, sweet Zara, it doesn't. You know it, I know it, every one of the folks who've viewed the two videos 3.8 million times knows it, and, most importantly, Amora knows it.

Kitten paralyzation is an affliction, and there is no cure.