Who's in the wrong here? Dill for stealing the bed or Luna for sitting on Dill? You be the judge.

This cat sat on by a dog might've had it coming after laying in the Great Pyrenees's bed one too many times. But whatever the cause, the video of the stubborn encounter has inspired more than a few laughs. 

The pets' owner, Lindsay Curtis, caught the entire episode on camera and posted it to TikTok, where it's notched more than 9.2 million views since it was posted Friday. The video begins with the cat, Dill, smack dab in the middle of fluffy Luna's bed. The big dog wastes little time, steps onto her bed, does a half turn, and then drops her rump right onto the surprised cat.

dog sits on cat TikTok
Credit: Courtesy of lindsaycurtis1 / TikTok

Dill kind of saw it coming but could do little to stop the incoming butt. He instead ends up bear hugging his sister's tail. Then comes the funniest part of the video. Both animals turn and look at Curtis, their eyes each asking her, "Well? Aren't you going to do something?" Personally, it's hard to decide who's at fault: the bed stealer or the cat sitter? 

In the comments section of her post, Curtis wrote that she's only seen Luna sit on Dill once before. Usually, the big dog lays down beside the cat. Maybe she just misjudged her landing.

This is not a one-time instance of little-brother annoyance. One of Curtis's following videos captures Luna in her reclaimed bed as Dill lays under a nearby chair and paws at her floppy ear. Luna, to her immense credit, just lets Dill play. (Channeling her inner Michael Scott, she's already tried to get rid of Dill "for cause." Must not have worked.)

In reality, it's pretty clear the siblings love each other, just look at them sharing the bed together here: 

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