This kitty and sheep are truly best friends who adore one another, as evident in an adorable video. Just wait for the biscuits!
Cat lying on top of sheep
Credit: Courtesy of McKenna Ray

Sure, kitties love fluffy heated beds, but when your best friend is a wooly sheep, that's when a cat's best life reaches 11 on a 10-point scale. So we totally understand why a video of a cat massaging a sheep is giving all hoomans big oozy feels!  

McKenna Ray and her husband, Payton, have what they call a "personal petting zoo" at their home in Memphis, Tenn. "We have two horses, one cow, one sheep, two goats, three ducks, one cat, and three dogs!" she tells Daily Paws. "Each and everyone is so spoiled." 

While all the critters in this menagerie get along well, only two are a match made in heaven: Luci, a 1 year old American shorthair cat, and Waffles, a 3 year old Tunis mix sheep. Ray says Waffles lost her sister, Maple, in 2020. When the couple rescued Luci later that year, the lonely bovid and the newly-homed feline found solace in each other.  

Ray posted a video in late April of the two snuggling during naptime, and this adorable display of their incredible bond is now a viral sensation. Ray, however, wasn't too surprised to discover them this way. "They're best friends," Ray says. "They eat and play together, so it only makes sense that they would nap together, too."

Their absolute love for one another is truly evident as Waffles sits contentedly in her stall while Luci nuzzles her with love bunts and makes biscuits into her sweet sheep sister's wooly coat. It's 30 seconds of pure tranquility—just watch!

It's uncertain if Waffles was purring (do sheep make such a noise?) but Luci definitely was! 

We love every unlikely friendship in the animal world, but it truly fills our hearts with joy to see such a natural relationship of deep connection. "Both girls lost their family but were able to make a new one through us," Ray says. "They've been inseparable ever since."