Why is this so soothing?
cat makes biscuits on sleeping dog
Credit: Courtesy of borisxgregg / TikTok

Prepare to lean back into a pool of relaxation, brought to you by the paws of Gregg.

The British shorthair seems to really enjoy massaging his napping brother, Boris the golden retriever, in a video shared on TikTok last month. It's 10 seconds of calm bliss, and Boris looks more tranquil than a calm pond on a still, dewy morning. 

Gregg is kneading—aka making biscuits. It's a typical cat behavior that involves them pushing down on a surface in a way that looks like they're exercising a slab of dough. The kneading starts in kittenhood, and cats knead to get ready to lay down and sometimes just because it feels good. 

Or, perhaps in this case, because it helps Gregg's pal Boris get some good rest. So far, the video posted Oct. 7 has earned 4.3 million views.

That footage was recorded when Boris was a puppy, but the two are still best buds. Evidence: 

If you're hoping your dog and cat can become best friends, be sure to follow our tips on introducing them to each other. Make sure you keep an eye on them, and just know that they might not be as close as Boris and Gregg.