We've looked at all the angles—a.k.a. the only one available to us. The cat is innocent.

Several articles online seem to think a newly viral video shows a cat knock a dog off a chair. In reality, however, the cat is very much innocent.

Pet dad and journalist Jeff Yang posted the video on Twitter. It shows his dog Aiko pawing and nipping at her cat sibling from a chair. The playtime ends when Aiko, who looks to be a Shiba Inu, pushes back from the table, accidentally tipping her chair over.

While Aiko and the cat did paw at each other early in the friendly confrontation, the cat played no part in the dog's toppling. Poor Aiko is at fault for her own tumble, as you can see for yourself below. Not to mention, the cat does seem concerned about the dog's disappearance below.

So far, the video has gained more than 350,000 views, and Yang noted how viewers can tell exactly when Aiko knew the laws of physics were set to decide her fate. (It seems like Aiko is fine. We can't imagine Yang would post the video if not.)

While the video is both adorable and hilarious, it's also a good reminder to keep an eye on your pets as they play. That way, you can be on the scene fast if one of them happens to fall off a chair.

Now, definitively: Did the cat knock this dog off a chair, Jonathan Frakes?